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“Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.” 
- Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

Hi! I am DH filmmaker, I am a wedding videographer since 2013 and filmmaker for 10 years. 

“Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.” That's the truth about love, about what you feel in your heart for somebody. But a little part of your love I can put it in images so you and other people can see the love. With me, your love can be seen and remembered forever, many years after. 

From the begining I loved my job. Every year, I have improved my filmmaker and videographer skills, I have improved the quality and the artistic composition so I can offer you video services at the highest standards. 

I am very happy to see you here. That's because here you'll be able to get all the information needed for your wedding video services. But now let's get from the begining: 

DH filmmaker - international wedding videographer
I am a wedding videographer from Bucharest, Romania and now, after many years of studies, wedding experiences and heavy investments in video devices, I've become an international cinematic wedding videographer and filmmaker. My objective is to make from your wedding an unforgetable cinematic movie. 

My wedding video services are realized in the professional way, from the directed scenes to the cinematic mounting and editing images. In this way, your wedding movie will be an artistic movie with you on the lead role and your family and other guests on the secondary roles. 

Wedding videographer - wedding videography at the highest standards. 
The wedding videography is essential for making wedding videoclips like Love Story or Highlights or Trash the Dress. Those videoclips are based on creative and artistic scenes, mounted and edited in the way that viewers will want to see the full wedding movie.

The wedding movie is thought and made starting with a good shooting based on directed shooting, but also based on emotions (undirected images), then:  

- the movie is structured according to your wedding narrative thread, shooting is made with the principal camera (DSLR) and many other assistant cameras. 

- the wedding movie have Intro and Outro. 

- the soundtrack is made from the original sounds assisted to many cinematic sounds, designed to improve the quality of your wedding movie. 

- to complete my wedding videographer mission I will make one or more of the following artistic videoclips: Highlights (best moments), Wedding Trailer, Love story, Trash the dress, etc... 
The result is a minimum of 20 minutes cinematic movie with all your most important moments from your wedding (moments that you chosen to be recorded on the Wedding offers page) and, according to your personalized wedding videographer price packages, you will receive 2 or more  wedding videoclips .  

All the video images are realised with the best quality and ultimate generation video devices needed for a wedding videographer (DSLR, action cameras, electronic stabilizers, etc...). Starting with the video shooting, this is made from the begining in ideal parameters, allowing me, in this way, to mounting, editing and exporting the movie and videoclips on the best quality parameters, just for you. For any of wedding video offers you will choose, I will give you the Cinematic mounting and editing option as a GIFT. The Basic wedding videographer offer includes: the Wedding preparations, the Ceremony, the speeches, the first dance and the cake with 1 videographer. All the other video options (like number of videographers, the party, Save the Date, Love Story, Trash the Dress, Love the Dress) are optional and affects your wedding videographer offer price. 

As I wrote earlier, I will give you all you need to know about the wedding videographer services. So, on the next page you'll can enjoy my video portofolio, then I will give you the opportunity to calculate the price of your personalized wedding videographer package and in this way you'll have the chance to contact me and to book your wedding date. 


Sincerly yours, 

DH filmmaker - international wedding videographer  

Wedding videoclips

Here I have just a few of my wedding videoclips (e.g.: Wedding Trailer, Love Story, Highlights, Trash the Dress). To see all my video portofolio I will invite you to visit and subscribe on my Vimeo and/or Youtube channels. 

But first, I must tell you a secret. I don't have my best wedding videoclips here, or somewhere else. Because for me, every pair of grooms is the most important and every videoclip is the best ever. 

On the Basic videography offer you will receive the full wedding movie (minimum of 20 minutes) and 2 videoclips : Trailer (about 1 minute) and Highlights (about 3-6 minutes). According to your other video options, my wedding video offer can have more videoclips (like Save the Date , Love Story , Trash the Dress , Love the Dress ) and a longer wedding movie .

In the next page you will have the posibility to calculate your personalized wedding video offer or you can just contact me for more details. 

So, enjoy! And then we'll talk...

Wedding videographer prices / offers 

As I promised, here is my wedding videgrapher offers magic formula. Here you will obtain the best wedding video offer and price.

My magic formula is that you decide what video options you want, then the wedding video price will be calculated and shown on the bottom of this page and I will give you the Cinematic mounting and editing option as a GIFT, because I like to make great films and videoclips for every of my grooms.

If you want a wedding photographer I can propose you one of the best international photographers. And the magic is that the price you calculated on my video offer will be the same for the photographer offer. So, contact me!


DH filmmaker - international wedding videographer

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